Grandmaster Moy Bing Wah is an "Uncle" to the Moy Tung Family. He is a direct student of Grandmaster Yip Man and biological cousin to the late Grandmaster Moy Yat. He began his training in 1956 and introduced Moy Yat to Yip Man in 1957.

The Moy Tung Family has been very fortunate to be able to learn some the details and Ving Tsun expression of Grandmaster Moy Bing Wah. Currently living in Boston, he has taken trips to many of the Moy Tung branch schools around VA, Detroit and New York. Training with, learning from and even playing hands with Moy Bing Wah is a wonderful snapshot into the life and energy of the early days of VT kung Fu in Hong Kong and at Grandmaster Yip Man's school.

Sifu Vyvial is very excited to be able to advance his understanding of the nature of Ving Tsun Kung Fu and to bring these advanced details and training methods from his "Sigung Bok" back to Texas, supplementing the kung fu he has learned from his Sifu, Grandmaster Moy Tung and his Sigung, Grandmaster Moy Yat.

On playing hands with Bruce Lee, Moy Bing Wah commented, “He was very agressive.”

"No secrets. Practice. Practice. Practice." ---Grandmaster Moy Bing Wah