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Leung Jan (梁贊)

Leung Jan (梁贊) (1826—1901) was a Chinese herbal doctor in Foshan that learned the Ving Tsun from Hung Suen members Wong Wah Bo and Leung Yee Tai. His name became well-known due to his wins in competitive bouts. Dr. Leung Jan was also called Kung Fu King of Foshan, Mr. Jan from Foshan, and Ving Tsun Kuen Wong - The Fighting King of the Ving Tsun Fist. Dr. Leung Jan taught many for years out of his pharmacy, most commonly referred to as Jan San Tong, on Fai Jee Street in Futshan.

Leung Jan's House in Heshan

a page from one of Leung Jan's books