Senior Instructors from the Moy Yat SSA*.

Senior  Dai-Sihings: Hong Kong

Greco Wong: The first student of Moy Yat who popularized the term “kung fu” when he co-wrote Wing Chun Kung Fu - Chinese Self-Defence Methods with Rolf Clausnitzer, it was the first book published on Ving Tsun Kung Fu. Generally at that time, most Chinese martial arts were referred to as “Chinese boxing”. After his book was published, his use of the term, "kung-fu" became the norm when describing Chinese martial arts. 

Sam Lau: Chairman of the Yip Man Martial Arts Athletic Association, the Hong Kong representative of the World Boxing Council, and one of the directors of the Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association. 

King Ng 

Henry Moy: 
Founder of the Moy Yee San Jong School located in Brooklyn, New York as well as the director of the Moy Yee Martial Arts Club in Columbia University.

Dun Wah (Sunny Tang):
 Introduced Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu to Canada in 1973 with the establishment of Sunny Tang Martial Arts Centre.

Jeffery Chan:   Was the last person to represent Ving Tsun in the last legal Gong Sao (free fight, challenge match) before the Hong Kong government banned them in the 1960's.

Chi Nam Kwong: Assisted Grandmaster Moy Yat in the creation of the Ving Tsun history and idioms (Kuen Kuit) onto a set of 51 seals.

Nelson Chan: 
Founder of Christian Wushu Fellowship. He is the Secretary General of the Canadian Chinese KuoShu Federation, the Communications Official of the Canadian Martial Arts Games Committee (CMGC) and is actively involved in promoting Chinese martial arts in Canada

Senior Sihings: New York

Mickey Chan (Moy Shuen)

Lee Moy Shan

John Cheng (Moy 4)

Phillip Yuen

Gary Kwan

Jackie Lam

Rex Aperauch (Moy Wu Tin)

Julien Corderro (Moy Hop)

Daniel Inosanto

Robert Smith



Sihing Dai (Contemporary Instructor list)

William Moy 

Anthony Dandridge (Moy Tung)

Tyrone Anthony 

Henry Moy 

Miguel Hernandez 

Javier Ramirez 

Leo Imamura 

Kevin Martin 

Pete Pajil 

Benny Meng