Just as it is important when you drink water, to know the source from which it flows, the same can be said about Chinese Martial Arts. The only way the kung fu can really flow to the student is if there is an understanding about where the kung fu comes from. In a time where certificates, diplomas and plaques can be bought or made, the lineage is a martial art school’s only true test of authenticity.

Generations of dedicated disciples have passed the Ving Tsun Kung Fu system down in a direct line of succession to the modern practitioner. Yip Man who died in 1972, was the last Ving Tsun Kung Fu teacher who taught Chinese students exclusively. Today there are tens of thousands of members worldwide who are learning this martial art system.

Our lineage flows directly from Yip Man through one of his closest disciples, Moy Yat who passed away in 2001. From Grandmaster Moy Yat the system was passed to his disciple Master Moy Tung, who passed the system to his disciple Sifu Aaron “Moy 10 Tung” Vyvial. Sifu Aaron Vyvial has opened up the first and only Moy Yat Family schools in Texas and now passes on the lineage to his many dedicated students.