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Chan Wah-shun (陳華順)

Chan Wah Shun’s Ancestors’ Hall

Chan Wah-shun (陳華順) (c. 1836–1909), nicknamed 'Money Changer Wah' (找錢華), was a student of the wing chun grandmaster Leung Jan (梁贊). He is best known today for being the teacher of Yip Man, himself best known for being the teacher of Bruce Lee.

Chan owned a coin changing stall near Leung's herbal medicine clinic in Foshan. He carried heavy loads of coins every day, and so developed great strength over the years. Chan had learned martial arts from others before learning wing chun. Leung had only a few private students at the time, including his sons, Leung Chun and Leung Bik, another student Woodman Wah (木人華), and Chan.

The Qing government recruited Chan to be the head instructor of the army, but he served in that position only temporarily before returning home. Chan also learned de da (跌打) healing techniques from Leung, eventually closing his money changing business and opening a healing clinic. Chan accepted his last student, Yip Man, when he was 70 years old, but was only able to teach him for three years. Before dying, he asked his second student, Ng Chung-sok, to continue Yip's training after his death.