Fighter's Fitness

Ving Tsun Basic Training and unconventional fitness modalities at Texas Kettlebell Academy for the ultimate workout regimen! TXKB specializes in proper form and detail of traditional kettlebell lifting and the programming of kettlebell sport, while embracing a holistic, whole-body approach to fitness training. Members get the equipment and attention needed to train safely, to hone proper technique, and to make physical gains — healthfully and safely, through conscientious attention to joint mobility, bodyweight training, compensation exercises, and authentic Russian-style training.

Fighter's Fitness Intro Week

Intro week includes one week of unlimited MYVT Kung Fu and TXKB Open Gym classes. Gym orientations are every MWF 4-7 PM and Saturday 10-12 PM. Cost is $50.

Fighter's Fitness Program

MYVT Basic Training Program + Unlimited TXKB Open Gym Classes. This is a great option for students who want to get a workout before or in between Kung Fu training sessions. 

Automated Monthly Tuition: $175 per month (up to 6 months)

Fighter's Fitness Package: $900 for 6 months. Includes three t-shirts.