GPP Classes

GPP (General Physical Preparation) Training Schedule


This is a revolutionary approach to burning fat, building muscle, and enhancing your balanced energy throughout the day, using both basic resistance tools and bodyweight movements for an efficient 20 minute workout. It is simple, but not at all easy. 

Warm-up mobilities and cool-down compensations paired on the front and back end of each 20 minute session.

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TACFIT® is a strategically-precise fitness system designed to provide fast recovery from exercise intensity. The fundamental workout system uses 26 workouts, with 4 different levels of challenge, and 6 different protocols of timing.

The exercises are performed with kettlebells, clubbells, parralette bars, medicine balls, pull-up bars, gymnastic rings or straps, sandbags and plyometric boxes, as well as bodyweight exercises, all designed to help you get leaner, fitter, stronger, and more agile.

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Clubbell Athletics

Clubbells® are a 21st century version of the original swinging clubs once used in ancient Russia, Persia, and India for martial arts. Due to their displaced center of mass, Clubbells® are relatively light compared to the force produced by their movement. Swinging clubbells® creates traction and allows for recovery and increased stability of the connective tissues that surround joints; these tools build strength in ranges that are impossible with conventional resistance training. TXKB's clubbell® class will focus on basic progressions of complex clubbell movements, as well as classic strength-building exercises that harness control, stabilization, and proper activation of essential muscles groups.

Special Topics

Special Topics are just that: special. Familiarize yourself with some lesser seen unconventional training tools, or dig deeper into technique and training protocols for clubs, bells, and bars. Maces, meels, Indian athletic yoga, swinging clubs, and specific barbell programming for general physical preparedness are all up for grabs in this class. Each class will be different, though some classes may have progressive content on a particular topic. Contact TXKB to find out the current topic; or just come and be ready to train.


Take a load off. Release. Unload. Expand your tool-kit of mobility and compensation techniques. Moving through the world with ease requires a bit of education and a tremendous amount of diligence. Class content will refresh frequently, but may include some of the following programs (Rmax based, and others): Intu-flow®, joint mobility, progressive yoga, Prasara® yoga, Indian Athletic yoga, kettlebell sport specific compensations, and more.