Ving Tsun Kung Fu is a martial art originally invented by a woman for a woman.

We trace our lineage back to the founder of the system, Yim Ving Tsun. According to legend, Yim Ving Tsun needed a fighting style that would help her win a fight against a warlord who wanted to force her to marry him. The result: a brilliantly designed system that allows for all body types, regardless of stature or physical fitness, to defend against a larger, stronger, attacker.

At our school, we provide a focused, safe environment for women to train real kung fu, without egos, tournaments, belts, yelling, or bowing. Our classes are uniquely suited to women’s self-defense and martial arts training due to Ving Tsun's emphasis on proper skeletal structure and techniques that rely on efficient and intelligent movement, not strength, to deliver maximum power. As a byproduct of physical training, many women notice an improvement in all areas of their life. They find themselves more focused, assertive, and able to confront situations as they occur.

Standard Training Program

The Women's Program is unique in that it provides an environment for women to excel in martial arts and ultimately learn effective self defense against larger, stronger attackers. Women will train exclusively with other women in the program and are separate from the men's program. When a student begins, each class is an hour long, from 7-8pm MWTHF. Over time, as the student progresses, more training time will become available in this program. The Standard Training Program includes unlimited classes. 

Private Training Student Program

This program designed for those students seeking a higher level in their training and skill development. In addition to the Standard Training Program, these students receive one private lesson per week with the Sifu or Simo of the school. 

Introductory Class

The Introduction will give a good insight into Ving Tsun, kung fu training, and our school before signing up for a full training program. Introductions are by appointment only.

Class Times

Open Forms 6-7pm MWTHF
Evening Class 7-9pm MWTHF
Saturday Class 11-12pm

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