If you are looking for a workout regimen that will develop and challenge you physically and mentally, and teach you a life-saving skill, look no further. Ving Tsun Kung Fu and Kettlebell training are highly complementary in their training methods. Centerline theory, correct physical structure, and efficient movement are all emphasized with high-level detail. The two disciplines combined produce holistic, powerful results. 

Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy and Texas Kettlebell Academy (TXKB) are owned and operated by Sifu Vyvial and conveniently located in the same building. Members get the equipment and attention needed to train safely, hone proper technique, and make physical gains through conscientious attention to joint mobility, bodyweight training, and compensation exercises.

Introductory Program: Kung Fu + Gym

Introduction to Ving Tsun Kung Fu and TXKB Gym. Your second class (Kung Fu) will be scheduled when you come in. The program includes one calendar week of unlimited Kung Fu and TXKB classes. Cost is $40.