Sifu’s Class is old school traditional Ving Tsun - not for the faint of heart. His approach is no-nonsense and direct, excellent for teaching the Ving Tsun system in its pure, unchanged form. These classes are challenging and intense, heavy on forms and chi sauVing Tsun is a fighting art, so students will learn how to hit, and how to take a hit. There is an expectation that students will take their training seriously, and attend seminars and workshops to supplement their kung fu. Classes are held in a traditional family style way using the same techniques and exercises that have been passed down generation to generation for over 300 years through a well-preserved lineage. 

Introductory Program

Introductory Program includes one semi-private introductory class and one regular class. The Introduction will give a good insight into Ving Tsun, kung fu training, and our school before signing up for a full training program. Cost is $40.

Standard Training Program

The Standard Training Program at Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy teaches the entire fundamental system of Ving Tsun Kung Fu. The intention of the program is to enable a regular Ving Tsun student to become a basic expert of Ving Tsun Kung fu at the conclusion of two years of regular and serious training. As with any degree-based learning program, a curriculum is designed for the student to complete. Our curriculum, designed by Grandmaster Moy Yat, presents Ving Tsun Kung Fu at an accelerated pace and is designed for the student who wants to pursue Ving Tsun expertise by maintaining a high-level commitment to training. The speed at which you progress will be dependent on the number of classes attended, attention level, and ultimately the assessment of your Sifu. The Standard Training Program includes unlimited classes. 

Private Training Student Program

This is a concentrated program designed for those students seeking to achieve a higher level in their training and skill development. In addition to forms training and two-hour classes in the Standard Training Program, these students receive one private lesson per week with the Sifu or Simo of the school. 

Uniform Policy

Students are required to wear black training pants, kung fu slippers, and a class uniform t-shirt.